First Love Wallpaper

Love is a short word of four letters, but it carries immense meaning in itself. It is in fact a composition of loyalty, obedience, vigour and elegance. Love is a passion felt by everyone. No one can resist its charm and magical effect. Love makes your life fragrant and elegant. It is the most enchanting sensation that leaves a deep mark on the heart of those who experience it. Love has its roots deeply embedded in our heart and soul. It's a state of emotions that takes us to the heights of ecstasy.

To be in love for the first time is a unique feeling that introduces you to a new and mesmerizing aroma of emotions. It is a world of expression, where words die and only emotions survive. You never forget your first love. Even if it ends in ashes, the ember glows and it never fades into oblivion. Prior to the experience of love you are ignorant to its charms and beauty. It is only after falling in love that you explore its magnificence. Your first love acquaints you with a new sensation that is a strange amalgamation of both comfort and pain.

Several memories, associated with your first love, remain on your memory lane forever. Once in love, your heart craves for someone, who is very special. He becomes the focus of your desires. Your thoughts are overwhelmed by him. It is a sweet and sour sensation that makes your heart ache. Love always holds you tight and never lets its grip go loose.

I once met a lady, who remembered her first love even after ten years. She said that despite all her endeavours to come out of the trance of first love, she failed to do so. Every time she visualizes the delightful moments of her first love, tears of agony trickle down her cheeks. It's hard to let go of someone you love. It's tough because it's first and it's always difficult to forget the first things in your life. Your first school, your first friend, your first pet, if you can't forget these, then how can you forget the first most special person in your life?

It's not only the intimacy and love you share with your first love, but actually you discover your own feelings for him step by step. You share your joys and sorrows. You consider him the whole world. Your mind is occupied with his thoughts for hours. He makes a major part of your life. Your life sparkles with his presence and your thoughts are affected by his memories. He stirs up your emotions.

The songs he sings for you, the movies you watch together, the poetry you write for him, the messages you send him, the presents you gift him and above all the immense love you feel for him, keep you bound forever under its spell and never let you forget your first love. One of my friends relates that she has stopped listening to songs, as they remind her of her first love. Another one says that after breaking up with her first love she avoids flowers, as their fragrance reminds her of his fragrance. A very good friend of mine shifted to another city in order to get rid of the piercing memories of her first love, but she could never release herself of the agony of her first love.
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First Love Wallpaper
First Love Wallpaper
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